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Expansion Plans for Fort Myers Airport

Anybody flying in or out of RSW recently will have seen signs announcing expansion plans.
The RSW Terminal Expansion Project includes consolidating the Transportation Security Administration checkpoints into a new 16-lane configuration and providing additional seating, concession spaces and a business lounge. In total, more than 164,000 square feet of space will be remodeled and 117,000 square feet of new walkways and concession space will be added to the airport terminal.
The project actually started in October 2021 and construction is planned for three years.

Click here to watch a short conceptual video, and here to go to the full news release. (more…)

5 tips on how not to disappear in the hybrid workplace

When remote work was mandatory and all or most of your co-workers, your boss, and many of your external stakeholders were remote, the playing field was level. There was a real sense that we were all “in this together.” People were remarkably understanding and accepting of quirky situations, whether IT related or the result of the blurred line between home and work (think dogs barking and children crying during meetings). That kind of tolerance is now rare. And it’s just one of many pitfalls for remote workers.

Whether you are fully remote or in a hybrid work environment, avoid the “Zoom ceiling” by understanding and working around the potential pitfalls that come from lowered visibility in the office.

Knowledge at Wharton, a business journal from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, has suggested five steps to position yourself better for greater visibility to ensure that you are getting recognition for your accomplishments and staying in line for promotions and desirable assignments. Make sure your employer knows you aren’t stepping off the ladder. (more…)

Bonita Springs Shrimp & Music Festival this weekend

Join us April 8-10, 2022 for the Premiere of the Bonita Springs Shrimp & Music Festival in downtown Bonita Springs. Hours will be Friday 3pm-9pm, Saturday 11am-9pm and Sunday 11am-6pm. Come enjoy a weekend of great food, wondrous live musical performances and total and complete relaxation!

Check out the activities here

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Why are Mortgage Rates so high?

Yes, interest rates are rising and with that so are mortgage rates, but the 30-year Fixed Rate Mortgage (FRM) seems to be about 0.5% higher than I would expect.

First, current rates:

In my recent article The Federal Reserve and Mortgage Rates I explained the link between the FRM and the 10-year Treasury yield (10T). The difference – the spread – has average around 1.7% over time, but with significant fluctuations during periods pf stress.

Here is the chart highlighting the spread at the time of Federal Funds rate changes – and as of this week: (more…)