What I like about Living in a Gated Community

When people are thinking of buying a property in Florida one of the questions is whether to buy in a community with a Homeowners’ Association or a stand alone property. Here’s what I like about living in a gated community.

The gate
While it can at busy times cause a delay for service vehicles entering the property it also provides a sense of security for residents knowing that every car entering the property has to be cleared with an owner

Wednesday is my favourite day of the week – it is the day the landscaping crew of 3 comes. In addition to cutting the grass, they prune and trim trees and plants and will do other work on request.
Just this last week the palm trees were pruned and – best of all – mulch was laid throughout. No more trips to Home Depot for me!

Community pool
A small pool and clubhouse for our 60 homes. So far the largest occupancy of the pool I have spotted has been 3 people!

Check the HOA fee and services
It is important to check the HOA fee when buying a property here. Some communities include, for example, golf (bundled communities) with mandatory membership and significant dues. Others, such as pelican Bay and Bonita Bay, have wonderful facilities including a private beach – but the HOA fees are much higher.
An added benefit is that some HOA fees include outside painting of the house – mine is due to be painted in 2023!

Thus it is important to be clear as to what facilities are important to you so that you don’t buy into a community with a high HOA for facilities you do not intend to use. And to understand how property taxes work, the current state of the insurance market for homeowners after several companies pulled out this year, flood insurance, the extreme importance of the age and condition of the roof. And more!

It may sound like a lot, but I can help you with the process.

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