Would you like free money for the holidays?

I usually listen to WGB 1030 in Boston on my morning walk and this week I have heard Billy Costa’s ads for Unclaimed Property in Massachusetts. This rang a bell for me as I have found unclaimed property at least twice and received checks.

Click on FindMassMoney and you will find this statement:
“The Unclaimed Property Division is holding over $3 billion in unclaimed funds for the citizens and businesses of the Commonwealth. The Division holds these lost funds until they are claimed by either the original owner or their heirs. Claiming property is fast, easy and free.”

It sure is.

And encouraged by my successes in Massachusetts I have received unclaimed property from Connecticut, where I lived in the 1980s, and today have filed a claim in California for my wife, also from the 1980s. And you can search in other States where you have connections – just type in XState Unclaimed Property and Mr.Google will do the rest. This is the link in Florida: FLTreasureHunt.

So, if it is actually my property, is it really free? I leave you to contemplate this existential question as you bank your check.

Happy Holidays.

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