What Makes a Home a Smart Home?

If a property has a reliable internet connection and “smart” items in at least three categories, it is considered a smart home. “Just having a few devices in specific categories – such as certain lighting, security cameras, or appliances – qualifies a home to be a smart home.”

“These homes were once only for the ultrarich, but we’ve gone from only super-wealthy people like Bill Gates having these products to every home now having at least one or two smart items.”

33% of homes today already meet the requirements to be called a smart home and that number is expected to climb to 54% by 2023. Currently, 26% of baby boomers have smart home technology within their residences, 49% of Generation Xers, and 77% of millennials, according to their presentation.

The popularity of smart home products, like lighting systems, carbon monoxide detectors and digital thermostats, have grown in popularity in part because they’re being built with ease of use in mind. Complexities and difficulties to access products like a smart refrigerator for example, have largely been eliminated.

“Smart-home technology can now be used by seniors and those with disabilities to assist them in day-to-day activities,” said Grant.

Many buyers and sellers want to age in place, and smart products can help make life easier. Some smart home devices can help users remember to eat or take medications, allow family or caregivers to interact remotely or send notifications in case of a fall or injury They can even offer voice-activated assistance with curtains or shades, or visual assistance for the blind or hearing impaired.

While smart home technologies and advancements provide a number of conveniences, there are concerns and risks to these luxuries.

“Some of these come with a default password, and if that password isn’t changed, you open yourself to a hacker having access. In other cases, some smart devices are always listening or recording.”

One option is to go to the devices’ settings and disable these features in order to safeguard privacy.

Overall, smart home technologies should impart security, convenience, energy efficiency, a cost savings and comfort and, while there are some risks, the positives overwhelmingly outweigh the negatives.

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