Sunday Snippets – Did You Know?

* In 2020 we had a run on toilet paper and paper towels in the USA….. empty shelves and rationing followed as demand far outstripped supply. Now in northern Italy, the supermarkets have been cleared of pasta and pharmacies in Norway are sold out of iodine tablets! In 2020, toilet paper, paper towels, tissues, hand soaps, etc had price increases around 20% or more in one year! (FT)

* The world added 153 billionaires last year, or 3 billionaires each week, to a total of 3,381, according to the Hurun Global Rich List released Thursday. China led with 1,133 billionaires, followed by the U.S.’s 716, and India’s 215. The TOP 10 are all worth more than $100 billion…5 years ago none were. The average age of the billionaires was 64; 120 of them are under 40, and 269 are self-made women billionaires, nearly 66% from China. (PENTA)

* A home in Laguna Beach, CA features a rather interesting “amenity”…. on the property is a fire suppression system with six cannons connected to city water lines. The system senses the temperature of the land and if there is a fire, water will automatically spray from the cannons and alert the fire department. (WSJ)

* Just 10 seconds of idling uses as much gas as restarting your car, in case you wish to cut your gas costs…. did a comparison of various gas-saving measures. To test the cost of idling, testers drove two cars for 10 miles—they stopped 10 times and idled for two minutes each time. Then testers drove the same route but turned off the engine and restarted at each of the 10 stops. They estimated nearly 20% fuel savings on the restarted cars.

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